INSIDE SOLES IN P.U. for all kind of shoes



We began this experience by importing inside sole since 1999. We started this way by activating our first production band in 2001. Our first production center was 300 square meter , but now we continue to serve our customers in our 3500 square meter factory. We consider that we are now very experienced in the production of inside sole, which seems to be very easy but very complex in reality .

When we started production, our production relied on sponges , which we imported.Nowadays, by using different techniques and since it is possible to make large fan by shaping the materials ,we think that our capacity now enliven the shoe industry. In our factory , we have the capacity of producing 20.000 pairs P.U injection, 18.000 pairs special sponge,10,000 pairs P.E in a day , felt inside sole.
Also, we produce shoe lining by using latex lamination,flaming lamination,film lamination techniqes. In order to transform your ideas to inside sole very quickly, we began to serve as a integrated inside sole institution in the molding place, which we established in 2006. Our aim is to support the qualified shoe demand in shoe industry .

Also ,we designed our institution to fulfill the desires of our customers. Since shoe market necessiate new ideas and projects everyday , we are eager to be your kitchen in inside sole. We believe that by continuing collectivity and information sharing, we could sing successful projects with valuable customers as you. Our 2008 catalog aims to help the people who cares with our products,to make a source for our study ,for you to discover new models. Yours Sincerely Nafiz COŞKUN General Menager
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