FASTENING PRODUCTS hook and loop fasteners

VELCRO brand Hook and Loop fastening tapes

VELCRO brand polyamide fasteners consist of two mating components: hook and loop. The woven hook tape consists of minute, flexible “hooks” which engage with a mating loop tape comprised of small, soft “loops”. When pressed together, the resulting closure is adjustable and highly secure, available in a variety of different hook strength and cycle life characteristics.

The Velcro companies offer a wide variety of loop tapes (both woven and knit velours). Napped and unnapped woven loops are available. Napped tape consists of woven polyamide loops that are “randomly disorientated” in a separate operation after weaving. An unnapped tape is a woven polyamide tape that is not napped. The knit velour tape is suitable for applications ranging from high cycle to disposable use and also provides a low profile fastening closure.

Woven polyamide Hook and Loop Tapes
The Velcro companies offer two polyamide woven hook tapes and a variety of loop tapes (both woven and knitted).

* VELCRO brand Hook 088: Heavy duty hook tape that utilises a heavier weight hook to maximise performance without minimising cycle-life.
* VELCRO brand Loop 001: A napped tape used in most standard closure applications with Hook 088.
* VEL-LOC: A “mushroom” hook tape that provides superior performance with knitted velour tapes.


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