Founded in 1943, Comelz is one of the pioneers of that generation of Italian companies that was able to interpret the needs of a national footwear and leather goods market booming in that period and creating a shoe-machinery sector of international excellence. In the late '60s, the company breaks into the market with highly innovative products and gradually states among the most important companies of the sector, taking also a leading role within the association. But it is at the end of the '80s that Comelz is among the earliest companies to interpret a new industrial season based on the diffusion of CAD systems and numerical control systems, re-establishing its own corporate identity on a strong integration of mechanical technologies, electronics and software.

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"... inspired by a kind of obsession: standing"

Among the "pearls" of the Italian industry

The results of an authoritative research conducted by the primary Italian newspaper publishing group RCS (Corriere Della Sera), places Comelz, the only one in the sector, among the top 30 best performing companies of the more than 14,000 medium-sized Italian companies, analyzed in the periods 2003-2007 and 2004-2008. "The position achieved by our company", comments President Alessandro Zorzolo, "is the result of a long running, summarized in three turning points: we were the first in our sector, to introduce the electronics, the first to provide ourselves of numerical control machines for the production, among the first, finally, to include informatics in our products. In essence, a company style developed over years, focusing all our activities, internal and external, on a kind of obsession: standing".

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The branch office in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

Towards the global market

The ability to always offer innovative products is also the result of direct contact with the markets. For this, Comelz is engaged in a process of internationalization that has already led to the creation of branch offices in Europe, India, China, Vietnam, Colombia and Brazil, where recently arosed the new modern building in Novo Hamburgo, headquarters for the whole South America.



Founded in Vigevano in 1955Cerim boasts 50 years experience in the production of footwear machinery.

During this extended period of production activity, the company has specialized in the workmanship of footwear bottoms, and more specifically in the pulling over and lasting phase in all of its essentials, as well as automatic roughing and automatic cementing, both for the shoe and sole.
All of this has been made possible through constant research and continuous innovation; a business organization with sales agents and technical assistance around the world, in any country with a footwear industry.

In fact Cerim manufactures about 20 models of machinery, from the simplest to the entirely computerized, including the possibility of numerous modifications capable of satisfying the most diverse production requirements.

Cerim's experience in the footwear sector and the reliability of its machinery have awarded it global recognition and the appreciation of its customers.



Olympic shoemachinery is a powerful contemporary company that produces equipment for the shoe industry, highly specialized and well known for its upper shaping applications.

Founded in 1969  the company is already active for more than four decades waving the spirit of creativity and innovation.  This spirit is highly reflected on the company's products many of which  are covered with patents.  The company’s privately owned  premises in Athen's industrial zone include an independent production unit with the following departments: Research and Development, Computer design of prototypes, metal works with CNC machinery, Manufacturing of electric and pneumatic panels, Assembly line and quality control.

In all ranks, the company’s employees are expert in their field and they comprise a powerful group for materializing the company goals.


The machines  fully conform with the CE  standards and are distinguished for their safe operation, ergonomic design, high productivity,robustness and longevity.
Bearing in mind a high service level and constant development we support our clients through a network of reliable representatives around the world. 



Moda e Ricerca per tomaie, fodere, pelletteria ed articoli tecnici.
Lavorazione e trasformazione dei materiali diretti al settore della calzatura, della pelletteria e della moda in generale.


Diamo i Numeri

1.600.000 metri di materiale in pronta consegna
35.000 metri lineari di spedizioni giornaliere
6.000 mq di area per produzione e distribuzione
4.000 articoli in assortimento a listino

Il nostro lavoro e il nostro impegno per crescere

Dal 1996 la professionalità di quanti collaborano ed hanno collaborato con noi, ci ha permesso di raggiungere degli obiettivi forse lontani dall'essere considerati eccezionali, ma sicuramente importanti e impensabili qualche anno fa. Accomunati da impegno e volontà, dinamismo e voglia di emergere, hanno portato la Stilla Srl ai livelli attuali, presente sul mercato nazionale ed internazionale, con il suo bagaglio di esperienze ed una immagine commerciale fidata e rispettata.
Ogni giorno proponiamo i risultati del nostro lavoro e delle nostre ricerche. Abbiamo investito in stabilimenti produttivi per gestire meglio i processi di lavorazione ed abbiamo creato società commerciali e produttive indipendenti in Italia ed all'estero per gestire la clientela con maggiore coerenza e rapidità.


ESSEBI, Thermoplastic rod cement pioneers

Essebi is a pioneer in the introduction of polyester and polyamide based thermoplastic rod cements for the footwear sector: a technical contribution that has revolutionized the market and the footwear lasting machinery technology. 

Thermoplastic rod represented the introduction of a material which, on one hand, was going to optimize the footwear production cycle and, on the other, was giving the consumer more comfort, whilst respecting the environment and the workers’ health. Since its entry on the market, thermoplastic cement has contributed to marking an important turning point in the shoe industry various  production cycles. Furthermore, its technical characteristics have enabled the industry to improve the finished product quality. Among these factors, which immediately dictated its success, there is one which, particularly today, is of great interest: the variation of the solution’s formula which, in some cases, makes the product absolutely eco-friendly. It is correct and appropriate to specify “in some cases”, since the thermoplastic cements on the market are not all alike, the difference depending, obviously, on the basic materials used for their production. In this case too, the choice for  brand can be the safest way to ensure a product having the desired characteristics. 

Thanks to a thirty years’ experience in the field of chemicals and an in-depth knowledge of the footwear manufacturing industry problems, Essebi remains one of the most qualified companies as regards to thermoplastic cements.



Established in 1944, it started producing mild steel tacks in shoemaking. The firm, already able to provide the footwear manifacture operators with all types of tacks and nails, derived from working raw materials (vergella) and through production processes such as wet drawing, double firing, cold malding, dry cleaning and surfaces protecting finish, specialized also in the production of wires, used not only by the shoe sector. The quality of its products, steady purpose since the establishment, and its high specialization have been bringing a constant development. Mondialpunte is always ready to work out solutions in order to get new and more automatized technologies and to guarantee the quality and the performance demanded by the machines of the last generation. The secret of Mondialpunte quality is also the collaboration with many producers of machines for the footwear industry. Mondialpunte is a leader firm now and its products are sold all over the world. The result of Mondialpunte incessant improvement are the "Patented" tacks, whose main characteristics are technology, quality, cheapness and high efficency. It produces also special nails and basing on a perfect technical organization, it is able to fulfil every requirement as well. Therefor, according to its tradition, Mondialpunte is going to pay more and more attention to the shoe industry demands.

Tan Company Italy S.r.l.

The Tan Company Italy S.r.l. is a shoes accessories company on the market since 1902, boasting a tradition in the business for three generations.

In recent years, the brothers Pasquale and Sergio Totaro, thanks to the inherited experience, have been able to satisfy the most demanding requirements of national and international customers. The wide range of products in stock and a proven organizational efficiency, allow us to make quick and punctual deliveries. The target is directly followed by an extensive network of agents covering the whole World, offering a wide and diverse range of ltalian and foreign products. The main warehouse, located in Naples, covers an area of 2000 square meters. with a range of more than 5000 items always available. We also have, for the most demanding customers, a showroom where you can always see the complete range of products. Currently our products are exported to about 40 countries, and to support the distribution, we make use of warehouses and storage facilities to provide better service. Our highly skilled staff is able to solve various problems in all circumstances. "There are situations where punctuality is absolutely necessary and, therefore, our shipping department, upon specific request, adopti a fast delivery service within 48 hours."

It is a service designed specifically for urgent deliveries.   


Since its establishment in 1986, Kord  İplik improves product quality and product range in order to answer changing customer needs and expectations. 

As the sector leader in Turkey for Technical cords, Kord İplik is spread out in 7,500 m2 indoor area including head-office, production area and warehouse, currently serving its products to customers and distributors all around Turkey as well as 45 countries around the world.
With one of the largest braiding capacity in Europe,  Kord Iplik highly invests on improving know-how, machine park quality on finishing applications for yarn, cord and ropes As a result of these investments Kord İplik proved itself as a reliable partner in industries such as textile and shoe, performance sailing, industrial solutions, outdoor sports.



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