Our company has proved to be on the side of Greek shoe manufacturers by offering them high tech machinery, high quality materials and of course direct and responsible service which is the key to our successful collaborations.

In recent years we specialize in installing Comelz cut systems and their  design software Caligola 3 and 4, to meet the needs of not only shoe manufacturing  but leather accessories and bags production as well. Therefore, we have installed so far more than 30 Comelz cad / cam systems (the oldest cm44 and cm44S and the latest productive models CZP M / L / XL and CT/M ) not only in Greece but in Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey also.

We store a wide range of high quality materials for shoes as laces, cutting boards, foils for counters, reinforced materials, hot melts, cosmetics, nails for shoes, braids and many more.

Our accomplishment is a result of the quality of  services that we provide, our expertise based on the accurate and  extensive knowledge as well as our lasting presence in the shoe industry.

Also, to our assets included:
  •  The years of work experience in machinery manufacturing within the Italian factories and excellent relationships with Italian manufacturers and partners.
  •  Continuous updates on new models and technologies.
  •  And excessive knowledge in the field of industrial automation,
are the key attributes for a successful partnership.

NAT Hellas co. situated in Oreokastro of Thessaloniki, housed in a specially designed area of approximately 600 square meters, containing storage areas, offices, workshops and a modern exhibition space to demonstrate new and used equipment.
Our experience at your disposal.

NAT Hellas aims to expand its network and always welcomes new  collaborations  with reliable partners in Greece and Balkans, where we are glad to see a great rise in our cooperation through the last years.

We remain at your disposal for any information.

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